Wednesday, June 09, 2010

CMS everywhere

This is old news, but it is interesting to see how ASP.MVC follows the same principles as, for example, Django or Zope; it contains the building blocks for a CMS, and supersedes the ASP.NET paradigm.

That being said, there are conceptual differences - Zope is middleware-centric (the database is customized for it), Django is database-centric (you start with the db definition, even if it is done at the ORM level: you start with the classes in Python which then get mapped to relational tables) and ASP.MVC is purely database centric (using LINQ to SQL - the classes are generated from the relational tables).

Finally you have something like eZ Publish where objects exist somewhere between PHP and the CMS, and are stored in a bit bucket (relational database, but with no relational features per se, so they might be better off using Mongo or Cache for speed).

Other than that, same features - URL mapping, templates, etc.

Next, I'll delve into ZODB, it would be interesting to see how much is actually stored there and how much in /var.

Speaking of ASP.MVC, here are a couple of links on SEO, relevant to other CMS as well (especially to migrations!):