Thursday, April 29, 2010

Some thoughts on NoSQL

So I have been playing with various database systems, many pertaining to the NoSQL category. Here are some thoughts:

  • Mongo is cool. I definitely like it. However, it differs from Cache in one important way: JSON objects are native to JavaScript. To everything else, they are just a text format (that Python can understand easily, true) not necessarily any more efficient than XML. Cache objects are more or less portable across languages and the impedance mismatch between the consumer and the database is definitely much less significant than in the case of Mongo;
  • Mongo is fast, and easy enough to understand for perhaps a dozen or two 'collections'. I am not sure how well it would support (or perform) with a 3000-table schema, which is not at all unlikely in an enterprise application. While the proliferation of tables is a perverse effect of relational normalization, the fact is that the relational model is easy to understand. Complex text representations of object hierarchies, which Mogo really allows for, might quickly spin out of control (assuming that the schema is kept under control by restricting access to the database through the front end, and object collections to not degenerate to the point of being simple bit buckets);
  • so Mongo might be best appropriate in an environment with a few deep entities with loose connections: e.g. 12-25 'tables' with million+ rows, especially for client apps that can read JSON (or derivatives: such as Python's collection objects) more or less natively.

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