Friday, August 15, 2008

Applets once were embeddable

Ok most of my recent posts have actually been embedded scripts or badges from various external sites; long live mashups! Today however, I had to deal with a problem I thought had been fixed since 1996: embedding a Java applet in a web page. Such a simple task was made unpleasant by the need to have it done in XHTML and supported across various browsers, including IE, Firefox, and Safari.

Well, the OBJECT tag works slightly different in each of the above. And it is extremely poorly documented. If you want your JAR to reside in other directory than the one where the HTML file is, tough luck.

This is plain stupid. Why is it so hard to standardize such a basic premise of the internet? Ok Java applets aren't used that much anymore, but why did they have to go and make something that was once simple, complicated?