Sunday, July 16, 2006

More on the Flash IDE

It just seems that I am spending a lot of time in Actionscript these days. I’m working on my Googlepages home page and integrating it with Flash has been a headache.

I just read in Flashmagazine a feature about the Flash platform and its possible future evolution. One additional gripe to those I already listed that they mention is the long compile times. Having spent a Saturday largely waiting for a smallish Actionscript app to compile (okay I did compile repeatedly!), I do agree – this is annoying.

They do talk about XAML and its possible effect on the Flash market share. Quite correctly they point out that XAML is restricted to the Microsoft world at the moment.

The Eclipse environment seems to be the savior for Flash, other than initiatives such as FlashDev. I am not so sure – I am just not crazy about Eclipse or other Java-based IDE’s. They are just slow when compared to a native IDE, just like the .NET-based SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Manager is slow when compared to the previous EM’s.

Adobe has a hard fight ahead. It must not antagonize its core design audience while attempting to make Flash a real development environment. As an animation tool Flash is great, but animations will still be a niche. I really should be going back to Flex for my future Actionscript programming needs… now that it has finally been released.